Next stop Schwanheim

On our way to a practised culture of recognition we are planning our first project in cooperation with DRK in the heart of Frankfurt-Schwanheim. The developer and owner is the DRK Frankfurt, with whom we will share the communal areas.


– 10 – 11 living units in different sizes
– one shared living unit for Newcomers in connection to our GL-program
– location for GL-Wirken and other GL-Wohnen groups
– currently the building application is in progress
– concepts on how living and working together are in planning
– moving in is planned for end of 2019

For this we are looking for participants, who want to be part of our social commitment in Frankfurt.

If you have read our concept and think it speaks to you and you want to get to know Team Schwanheim, please contact Esther:

We invite interested people to our monthly Schwanheim-workshop, where questions are welcome and will be answered gladly.