Cohousing – How we would like to live

Our building

The group would be willing to live in either an existing building (which could possibly be expanded) or one that has been newly constructed. Local zoning laws must allow for mixed use.

As decided by the group, the GlobaLokal building will have the following basic features:

  • Twenty apartments (long-term housing for members) of various sizes (40 – 100 sq. meters)
  • Three apartments (temporary housing) each to be shared by young immigrants
  • Approx. 10% communal space, indoors and outdoors (e.g. garden)
  • Rooms for events and offices; alternatively the possibility must exist for renting space nearby [Mara: unter diesem Punkt auf der deutschen Website gibt es ein “Kinder” das “in der” sein sollte…]
  • Accessibility (new-build residence: DIN 18040 Part 2; existing residence: DIN 18040 as far as possible)
  • Energy efficiency: at least KfW 40 standard; possibly “passive house” standard, if decided by the group
  • Ecological, non-toxic materials are to be used in constructing the building to the extent that this is technically and financially feasible.