Where – GlobaLokal is at home in Frankfurt


The members of GlobaLokal have chosen to base the group in Frankfurt am Main because of its international nature. Potential cohousing sites include neighborhoods or nearby towns that have good public transport connections and that are a maximum of 20 minutes from the city center.

GlobaLokal participated in a competition organized by ABG Holding, the city of Frankfurt’s housing authority, to select the cohousing groups that will live on the former university campus in Bockenheim, which is now being developed as the “Kulturcampus.” GlobaLokal was one of six groups selected to have a future home on the Kulturcampus.

GlobaLokal is also registered to participate in the program the city of Frankfurt has launched to award property to cohousing groups. In addition, it is taking the initiative and looking for suitable housing sites on its own.