Who – The people behind GlobaLokal

Members of the GlobaLokal cohousing group

In addition to their experiences integrating into foreign cultures, either in Germany or elsewhere, the members of GlobaLokal have a wide range of skills, providing a solid foundation for our project activities. This means, as a whole, the group:

  • Speaks multiple languages
  • Has multifaceted expertise and knowledge gained in both professional and personal contexts
  • Is demographically diverse in terms of age and culture
  • Is knowledgeable about the city of Frankfurt and the Rhine-Main region

The group believes in making use of the synergies that result from diversity and enjoying the benefits that come from being a socially committed cohousing community.

We joined GlobaLokal because …

“… we’re at home all around the globe and want to share the feeling.”
E. und S.
e525455532f1  “… I like it when the ‘world’ gets together at the same table.”
M. Sommer
D1000103 “… because I quickly saw that there are people in the group who truly want to realize their vision.”
d-n-frisco …we like traveling and feeling a connection with people from different cultures.

Both aspects of GlobaLokal, the cohousing and the social engagement, make it possible to have many enriching intercultural encounters in Frankfurt.”
GL-Erika “… I’ve found people at GlobaLokal who have both open minds and wide-ranging experience.”
GL-Helene “… everyone is serious about what they’re doing … and they still have fun.”
13#(1,5MB) “… I want to go beyond the usual professional and private experiences and extend a helping hand to people arriving from somewhere else, the way my daughters, who have long been working professionals, still help my Argentinean wife navigate the hurdles that can still appear after many years.”
 20150725_171742 “…because it’s fun and it makes me happy to combine being open to the world and knowing I’m right at home.”